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Spring / Summer 2015

For Spring / Summer 2015, Gitman Vintage pays homage to some of our favorite themes – travel, tennis and the tropics. True to form, there's a healthy mix of classic Oxfords, striped seersuckers, printed poplins and lightweight chambrays to see you through the season.

To celebrate our new home base in downtown NYC, we’ve partnered with New York State to present Milton Glaser’s iconic 'I ♥ NY' logo in two variations. Continuing our exploration of cultural iconography, we look to Japan with our Sumo-San, Full House and Nippon-Iconista prints. Our Passport Print quite literally gives you a license to travel and when it comes time for that summer sojourn, you’ll be well shod in our Tropes of Summer, Hibiscus and Aloha offerings. Finally, if it's checks and stripes you're after, we've got those bases covered with a tidy selection of archive madras and bright awning stripes.

With warmer weather on our minds, we’ve introduced a new fit – the open collar camp shirt – and two seasonally appropriate accessories – the bucket hat and sleeping mask.