GV Loves Magnafied!


We're thrilled to be working with MAGNAFIED on our capsule collection this season with an assortment featuring their "Panzer camouflage", logo print and the velcro patch oxford.

We spoke with Magnus to get a closer look at their brand and this particular project below:

When and how did MAGNAFIED start?

It started one day in a crosswalk in Copenhagen, approx. 2013 where Antonia and I were talking about creating a platform/brand for all the good ideas we had piled up. It was officially founded in early 2015 with the making of the danish clogs among other things.

How did you find out about Gitman Bros?

I had known Gitman Bros. from a pretty young age because of my generel interest in American clothing and then good friend Bruce Pask visited us in the Magnafied store and we talked about doing an oversized Oxford cotton shirt and he suggested our Panzer camouflage prints in a collaboration with Gitman Bros.

Tell us some about the design for the Gitman collaboration (camo print, velcro patch, allover MAGNAFIED print)?

The prints and the velcro name tape system are Magnafied signatures. The prints for Gitman are based on our hand-printed "Panzer camouflage”, made in special editions and colorways for this project.

Is there anything different about the fit?

The fit is exactly how we wanted it. Oversized, cholo style, The nice oxford cotton gives that extra to it.

Finally, how are you liking living in California? Much different from Copenhagen?

Very different from Copenhagen. In fact, as different as it can be. For better or worse depending on what you're looking at. Living in California is like being a kid in a candy store. We produce everything in our studio in Topanga and Downtown, LA. It’s the land of opportunities, just as they say. We like it here.